With decades of experience, we’ve weathered the industry wide business model swing from domestic GOH/Flat picking to over seas Prepacks. We have maintained the core values through partners that have been growing with us for over twenty five years, and have emerged as an industry leading pick pack operation.

Whether it’s direct to consumer e-com/drop shipments, retail replenishment, or wholesale fulfillment, we know your model and understand the demands. With our experience, we have what it takes to properly engineer a work flow that fits your business model.

Accuracy, accountability, and speed is what is crucial in the pick pack environment. We understand the importance of inventory accuracy, and are proud to say that we maintain 99.98% financial and statistical inventory. This is achieved through our stringent receiving variance approval procedures, obsessive cycle counting, and utilization of UPC and RFID barcode scanning through our disciplined procedures maintained by our WMS.

Regardless of product type, Garments on Hanger, Flatpack, Footwear, Jewelry, Handbags, Accessories, Cosmetics, Home Goods, you can trust that we will perform. Pick to Light, Flow racking, Reserve to active replenishment locations, bulk pick line zones are just some of the models we’ll process your fulfillment through to maximize efficiency.

UDS tackles the necessary evil in the consumer goods industry of returns processing as a first priority basis. With dedicated facilities to handle vendors and retailers consolidated return services exclusively, UDS is able to provide a timely reconciliation of return charge backs, and consumer credits. UDS leverages as much data as possible to monitor returns volume, eliminate manual data entry, apply credits, and refurbish and transfer goods back to appropriate fulfillment centers in a timely manner. By outsourcing returns processing operations to a facility that is not handling distribution or fulfillment, returns transition from the operational low priority, finance high priority, to a consistently maintained operation.

  • Return Authorization Validation
  • Carton Level ASN EDI 180
  • Quality Inspection
  • Refurbishing To First Quality Condition
  • Damage and Disposal Maintenance
  • Trend Analysis and Advanced BI Reporting

UDS Strives to provide a seamless solution for our retailer and manufacturer partners. We offer the ability to manage inbound container drayage from Ocean freight entering NJ/NY, LCL CFS pick ups, JFK airport sweeps, as well as domestic vendor pick ups.

We operate our own clean fleet of tractor trailers, and straight trucks to accommodate the demand.

With our in house TMS and reporting, we never miss a beat on freight availability monitoring, eliminating demurrage and tightening up your supply chain for quick receipt of goods.

In order to compete with the largest e-com outlets out there, you need a facility that can process your orders instantly. Our item velocity analyzing, picking flow setup, inventory count and location accuracy all plays into our impeccable fill rates and turns.

Orders processed through our WMS are mapped to flag as an e-com order type. From this single flag, we’re given another level of order management and oversight. Constant reporting enables us to be on top every single order, ensuring that every order leaves our facility within 12 hours of ordering.

We’re online shoppers too, and understand the consumer’s demand to have their order on their doorstep as soon as possible. We’re consistently reviewing to maximize efficiency; everything from physical setup, to systematic waving models and pick to light versus modular tote picking. Also important is a consumer’s knowledge of their order status. We’re capable of transmitting an EDI transaction, pushing order status and tracking information. Also worth noting is our ability to send a customized and branded email alert to your customer from our WMS, containing all order information, tracking numbers, and your customer service contact information.

Whether you’re shipping DTC via your own e-com site, or drop shipping with anyone else, we can support the requirements and exceed expectations.